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Pasture Mat & Premium Pad

Installation of the Pasture Mat System provides the ideal indoor surface for your cows' comfort - as close to natural turf as you can get. Pasture Mat reliably absorbs the shock repeated impacts and eliminates the risk of injury to-even the heaviest cow. Side-by-side tests with all other types of cow mats prove conclusively that cows prefer Pasture Mat.

Invented in 1993 and over 2,000,000 cows in 42 countries.

Pasture GEL Mat NEW!!!!

The gel mat solves two major problematic areas of cow comfort: the impact on the cow joints when the cow lays down, and the pressure points strain it has while laying down. When a cow lays down. When a cow is laying down on a hard surface, there is extreme pressure where the cow and floor meet. With the gel mat there is superior shock absorption. This reduces the impact on the cow joints and relieves the strain it has while laying down. Many other mats are soft at the beginning, but settle and become hard over time. The gel mats will remain soft for years to come because it is a gel mat. This means less bedding and more comfortable cows.

Comfort-Trak - Rubber Flooring

The stongest rubber on the Market!!. Fantastic for Walkways and holding Pens.

The rubber is 7/8" (22mm) thick. Comes in width up to 5' (1.5m). It also can be split on site. (Approximate 4' roll split into (2) 2' length of 4' roll split into (1) 12" piece and (1) 3' piece. In rolls of approximate 300'.


VES Environmental Solutions, LLC. is North America’s leader in cow comfort and environmental solutions for the modern dairy farmer. Our environmental systems allow you to bring mother nature into your building. Our cow comfort solutions include creating velocity for cow cooling, air exchange to provide an oxygen rich building, control lighting levels, ambient temperature drop and all of these systems are controlled with one of the most reliable management systems.

Pack Mat

Pack Mat creates a more stable and comfortable stall base and reduces sand usage. With just sand bedding, the neck rail and brisket board is in the right spot for only part of the bedding cycle. Pack Mat reduces this variation as well as preventing the cows from digging holes.

Cows find it easier to get up. The rubber crumb filled mattress provides a resilient base below the cow's front knees to absorb the shock when she lies down. This is important, as packed sand can be quite hard! Pack Mat's surface is flexible providing excellent traction and sure footing.


Collection of important cow comfort studies.

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